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Return Policy

Before you return an product, please pause for a minute to see how our products are made. All of products are checked before packing. We pack painstakingly so that the soothsaying Product does not get harmed while in travel. In any case, on the off chance that things get harmed in travel; please impart promptly subsequent to getting the thing so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Returns and Trades might be acknowledged if your request is harmed in travel or you have gotten the erroneous product, then it must be conveyed to our notice inside 24 hours of getting it. In the event that the cases are honest to goodness, we should then make a request to send back the product and the returned product needs to dispatch inside 3 working days with our labels in place. Product gotten without our labels is not qualified for the refund. We might look at it and as per the realities of the case, we can prepare refund. On the off chance that we have sent the wrong product or if the product is demonstrated that it's not according to portrayal then we can prepare full refund within 21 days after the product contacts us.

Please educate us inside 3 days of receipt of request. You should email to inform us.

  1. You are required to send us a photo of the product, then, it is up to the circumspection of the QC group to choose whether the product is endorsed for return.
  2. Once we have gotten an email advising us of your worry with the product picture and our Quality Control group has approved the return we will illuminate you on the most commonly advantageous return strategy.
  3. will refund the price tag of the crystal gazing Product. Refunds might be made after we have gotten the shipment in its unique bundling We are not obligated for any returns that we were not advised about first.

REFUNDS WILL BE DONE IN THE Accompanying CASE As it were:
  1. Genuine quality issues.
  2. Your request is harmed in travel.
  3. Order is lost in travel.
  4. In case a wrong thing has been transported to you.
  5. Product gotten without our labels are not qualified for refund.

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